Ethical Investments

We seek to understand your ethical objectives and then develop tailor made solutions align with your views. We can provide investors with the ethical choice.

Our free eBook – Guide to Ethical Investments – shows you just how simple it is to invest while keeping a clear conscience.

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Guidance takes pride in being the industry frontrunners when it comes to ethical investments. We will ensure that you’re only investing in companies that align with your ethical views. That means we won’t invest your money in fossil fuels if you’re concerned about climate change.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the environment, climate change or you worry about the impact of gambling on society – these are all very valid concerns and they should be taken into account with your investment strategy.

The key to our strategy is that we will never offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We will discuss your ethical concerns with you and design a solution that takes these views into consideration.

Increasingly, investors are thinking beyond investment returns. Investors just like you are asking how they can invest their life savings in projects that have a positive effect on the world we live in. That’s where Guidance comes in.

Interestingly, investors can act with ethical considerations in mind and not jeopardise their financial performance – making it an even easier choice to be ethical.

Business and markets cannot operate in isolation from society or the environment.  As a business we endeavour to walk the talk, and we actively take an ethical approach to business. Be it using recycled paper or supporting Kiva Microfunds (a non-profit micro credit provider to low income people in the developing world), we hope to make a difference.

Would you like to know more about ethical investments? Download our free eBook – Guide to Ethical Investments, for a quick snapshot of investing whilst incorporating ethical concerns, or call us for a confidential discussion on (03) 9870 6544.


Guidance Financial Services has been recognised by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia as a Certified Ethical Investment practice.

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