Pre-Retirement Wealth Creation

You’re making good money and are keen to see that translate into wealth and financial security.

Guidance can help.

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Many of our clients are making good money and also have reasonable equity in their homes as a consequence of rising property markets and several years of major loan repayments.

Also, many of the children of our clients are growing up and therefore we participate in discussions around school and university costs. We also help our clients help their children get into their first home.

With that in mind, Guidance is here to partner with you to open up opportunities for you to get ahead and be exactly where you want to be.

You’ve come to the right place.

Firstly, we will look to understand your objectives, and then work to develop strategies to see those objectives met over time. We will then get together annually to check on progress, and liaise throughout as matters develop.

Like to learn more about transitioning to retirement? Watch this video available in our Learning Centre.

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