Retirement Planning

Can I afford to retire?

How long will my money last?

Will I receive anything from Centrelink in retirement?

What should I do with my super when I retire?

Is a Transition to Retirement strategy something I should be doing?

These are the types of questions we answer every day for our clients.

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Whether you are 10 years out from retirement and are looking to build a strategy to achieve your retirement goals over a longer period of time, or would like to retire next month and need immediate help with what to do and how to structure your retirement income, we are here to help.

The starting point for all of the work we do for our clients is to identify your objectives. In planning for your retirement, a key objective will be how much income you need to have a comfortable life.

With this determined we can explore how that might be achieved through the combination of your superannuation savings, other investment income, government pensions if available, and any other earnings you may generate.

We produce detailed projections for clients showing how things might look depending on the choices you make.

For instance our projections might show that if you retire at 60 your money is likely to last through until your 70’s. But if you work on to 65, it will instead last until your early 90’s. Armed with this sort of information, you can make an informed decision about your future.

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